Monday, 9 May 2011

Thank you, Veg Plotting

I can no longer say "I never win anything". Michelle at Veg Plotting recently held her first giveaway and to my continued surprise and delight - BilboWaggins was the winner!

There were a couple of delivery glitches which were completely outside her control and I suspect caused more than a couple of expletives at V.P. Towers. Finally however, all three parts of this exceptionally generous gift arrived.

The food is already being greedily consumed - it is that time of year when we are visited by a small flock of incredibly noisy but very comical jackdaws who hoover up every morsel they can get their greedy little beaks on. We're debating whether the bird boxes can be installed inside two of the obelisks and the bird table (I haven't put the legs on yet) will not get put outside until I've given the Bag End buffet a bit of a summer tidy-up and sort out.

Thank you so very much VP.

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