Sunday, 1 May 2011

Taking it easy

I am determined that May will be easier on the body than April was .... but as we still have half of the house in chaos AND I have added moving the longarm machine and reorganising my study to the list there is no chance it will be a quiet month, just different.

The intention had been to go out today but I am just too tired and putzed around doing little things. Have made a start on the new compost bin to replace the large grass clippings bin which recently got modified. Cannot do any more until a new bath of pallets arrive.

Walked around the garden doing the daily "take the heads off the dandelions" route and painted the two remaining obelisks. Rigged up some windbreak net to protect the two new roses - it's got very windy despite still being hot and sunny and the poor things don't need any more transpiration.

We have a cherry tree behind the house which is hardly visible because of the overgrown shrubs surrounding it but for a week each year the blossom stands out and it is so pretty against the clear sky.

In the hope that it might cool down a bit soon I have sown some baby leaf lettuce in the greenhouse, plus a packet of Comfrey. I was given a very bedraggled clump of Symphytum caucasicum last year which I potted on and it's doing really well and about to flower, but I wanted more. I wish John would get a hurry up and come and do the earth-moving we've agreed because I can't put it in the ground until he's finished.


  1. And this is a definition of taking things a bit easier!!! Typical Hobbit, I hope the day ended with feet in the horizontal position and a G&T in the hand!

  2. Come on Sarum, I didn't move four times my body-weight in compost or timber so surely that does count as taking it easy?

    The day ended in a prone position with a large bottle of Jennings Bitter (we can see the brewery from here!)


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