Thursday, 19 May 2011

Repeat performance?

LP back bright and early and seemingly undaunted by the amount he achieved yesterday or the quantity of soil still to be shifted.

I didn't manage quite as much as yesterday - finished emptying the compost bin and this area now looks very tidy. It is unlikely I will ever be able to make as much as I need for this garden but it is very satisfying to have these bins in place. More grass cutting - have given up pacing the grass looking for orchids in an imitation of a police finger-tip search. Spent quite a lot of time digging up thistles and dandelions and made a start on ** very finely ** sprinkling grass cuttings on areas of bare soil. The theory is that they might act as a weed suppressant mulch whilst breaking down and providing nutrients.

Didn't get so much done today, lots of visitor interruptions, but that is probably no bad thing. Am feeling the effects of yesterday's 14 hour stint.

By the time LP had finished the huge middle bed was beautifully dug over and topped with a layer of rotted cow muck. The blackbirds have already moved in and think it is a five-star banquet but they are untidy visitors. LP left this bed with a beautifully neat edge and not a single bit of soil on the grass, the blackies soon trashed it.

Yes the obelisks are wonky but they are only stood on the grass until the soil settles enough that we can put them in position on the bed.


  1. Photo 2 really shows how hard LP is working — hadn't realised quite what double digging actually entailed.

    Note to self: if asked to help with double digging, find an excuse and fast!

  2. Dear wimp - that's why it's called double digging!

    The good news is that it only ever has to be done once.

  3. Have finally started making my raised beds - some time after picking your brains about what wood you used. Had the wood delivered last Weds hoping to knock them together today. Now if that lovely LP fancied a holiday in lovely Plymouth I reckon I could feed him up on pasties and scones lol. I could never managed to dig that far down. :-)


  4. If anyone thinks I am going to share LP when there is so much still to do here then you must think I am completely, utterly, barking bonkers. (OK, many already think I am completely, utterly, barking bonkers but you know what I mean).

  5. Sulky quivering bottom lip!

    Quite chuffed all the beds have been knocked together today by my son who is as inept at DIY as me!

    Bed one has been levelled dug raked and by myself and things are feeling like its finally happening (long story but long wait). Only 7 more to go lol


  6. Congrats on getting your first raised bed constructed. Err, umm, which "J" are you .....

  7. Janette :-) the one who is glad you are back for all to see (as it were) Quite often sign Jx on most things.

    I was digging away and thinking of the double digging by LP and my efforts and thought I would never make a grave digger thats for sure!


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