Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Not everything in the garden is rosy

Thought I would prove that not every single thing the Hobbit touches grows into verdant greatness! Despite keeping all pots in the greenhouse over the winter I have lost a couple of Viburnum Tinus and all the Euphorbia x. Martini.

I've also lost two of the Viburnum which went into the fedge. As they weren't planted until last October the poor things didn't have time to make sufficient root to survive the Ice Age known as winter 2010-11. At least the Heuchera are doing OK.

I also think I have a problem with the two raised beds furthest from the house. They are in a frost pocket and in midwinter with the sun at its lowest they get no sun at all (and lowering the hedge would make no difference). This might be why the rhubarb tries to flower each year before it has produced anything edible and could be why I seem to have only 5 productive asparagus crowns when last year there were definitely ten.

I've already decided to remove the rhubarb, am now wondering whether to give the asparagus a few more weeks and then cut my losses and plant something in both beds which can cope with less than ideal conditions. Somewhere in the back of my tired little brain I seem to think that raspberries might be a suitable candidate and am hoping that some of my far-more-experienced allotmenting friends will take the hint and suggest what would do well in these two beds which are effectively north-facing but get baked by the sun in mid-summer.


  1. Maybe they'll have to be things that are planted each year, rather than resident.

  2. Shouldn't be the case, SewAli, for a shrub and a herbaceous perennial, and if they turn out to be things which won't survive they will be replaced with something that will!


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