Monday, 2 May 2011


The grass needs cutting but until I have tracked down the rest of the Orchids it will have to wait and get long and billowy. Why didn't we leave the protective cages in place, or stick marker posts in the ground or take non-close-up photos so their location can be more easily confirmed?

There are lots of shrubs and perennials to be put into the ground but the soil is far too dry and large holes would require a pickaxe at present so that's another job on hold.

Therefore what's a Hobbit to do but modify the greenhouse staging? The cedar reused from our Alton greenhouse was OK last year but only just. It is not really strong enough for some of the weight I want to put on it and the lower shelf didn't work for plants. It has been a great dumping zone for all the stuff which migrates to a greenhouse and should not really be there and is too high to be successful for summer plants.

So that's the "before" photo but there are no "after". The Grand Plan in my head didn't work in timber and I need to revert to Plan B - when I work out what that is.

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