Thursday, 26 May 2011


In an ideal world I would like things around me to be tidy; actually, I need things to be tidy otherwise I feel cluttered and suffocated but I've come to the conclusion that both indoors and outside I am not a very tidy person. I suppose I could blame the ongoing work on the house and garden but it does seem wherever I turn there are piles of 'stuff' which should really be elsewhere.

This situation rumbles along for a while and then I get to breaking point - and spend all day moving things around. I know if I put them in the right place in the first place I wouldn't have to do this but sometimes "the right place" isn't available and I have to wait until it is. After a quick trip into Cockermouth first thing I set to moving timber, and it feels like I moved wood all day. Apart from the times I was moving stone, tarpaulin, and whatever else I stumbled across that needed relocating.

Need LP's assistance to remove these stumps before the area behind the shed becomes more useful.

Now, can I keep it tidy?


  1. My good 'tidy' intentions don't last long either, Bilbo - but of course most of my tidying up isn't on same rather industrial scale as that at Bag End!

  2. Thanks Hazel, but I don't think I can use size as a reason. The best excuse I can come up with at present is that when trying to do too much I tend to be too tired at the end of the day to tidy up properly and by the time I get outside again I can't be bothered!

  3. I think that each of your current Lists might be a bit ambitious - cut your day's Plan back by 10%, it will leave time for a tidy before you're too knackered!

    (Actually, this would not work for me - I still would not tidy up, but would use the extra time to pour a g&t & for a longer soak in the bath...)

  4. I know you're right, but sometimes Life, The Universe and Cumbrian weather don't co-operate.

    Like today - which was earmarked for a major planting session, but it has rained on and off since breakfast. Which means even more to do to catch up when it's dry enough to be outside.

    The G&T sound good though, Bombay Sapphire I hope {grin}

  5. Do you happen to have a wood burning stove for all that wood - I do hope so.

    Found you at last - we are not all that far apart so it is nice to be in touch. I think we are similar people in that I too get everything in a mess and then one day think - that's it - I have got to square everything up. Then I stand and admire my handiwork and vow to never get it like that again (until the next day)

  6. Hi Pat, yes we do have a wood burner, thank you and it is wonderful. Under "labels" if you click on WBS you can see all the posts about the mess and palaver of having it fitted.

    If/when I get over your part of the world I will definitely take you up on that offer of tea!


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