Monday, 30 May 2011

Bank Holiday Monday

Not a lot achieved outside this weekend but we did manage to turn this:

into this:

We left a six foot long section uncut which might end up next to one of the ponds. Or it might end up on the log pile ...

May has been a horrid month. After the heat and drought of March & April we have had a month of wet and cold during which newly germinated plants have sat in their pots and sulked; I don't blame them.


  1. Yep - sulking seedlings here too - it's been either very dry (at the Hill) or chilly.

    In the circumstances, I am pleased that the various squash & courgettes which I put out a couple of weeks ago have *only* sulked a bit and not turned up their toes.

    The first batch of dwarf beans have settled in happily enough, though - but the second (and the runners/climbers) still have that look of shock on their little leafy faces - despite thorough hardening off.

    You've still got a good proportion of green spot days - not just due to LP, I know (although I'd be tempted to have him shackled to the shed with a blankie and fed meals through a small hatch.)

    Was it CB or LL who said she could swear that you'd actually planted something out?? Pics, please, if this rumour is true!!!!!

  2. Morning Hazel, thanks for a lovely comment. I am resisting the temptation to have LP permanently anchored to the shed because at present I am working alongside him and it's VERY hard work! I need a few days off ...

    Yes, it was Country Bumpkin chiding me for having blog-lag and not showing all the planting out which has been accomplished in the Cottage Garden. . . . Bad hobbit!

    Will try to catch up later but LP was here all day Monday and it due back at 8.00am today.

  3. Just been for a wander round the garden here and it's COLD! Posted 8.40pm.

    I love Hazel's description of her beans!

    HAVE you planted anything!


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