Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Another one bites the dust

According to friends I could have dropped this maple myself but I didn't fancy it - I know how heavy a falling tree is and being in the path of an out-of-control trunk wasn't something I was in a hurry to experience first-hand. John (Wayne's cousin) popped in and 5 minutes later there was a lovely light gap where the tree used to be.

(and yes, we did offer him the use of our gloves, helmet, ear protection, etc ... it was declined)

We would have preferred to be able to leave it but whilst the tree looked OK straight on:

a side view showed the toll taken by four close and encroaching leylandii in the years before we arrived at Bag End.

Whilst its demise is sad, we now have a fabulous view of two huge copper beech in the churchyard. Our decision was confirmed by the rot found in the centre of the trunk even though there were no outward signs.

After John left it took Management and I less than an hour to render the tree into a pile of firewood and a pile to be shredded and sorted through at leisure. Who would have thought when we left Hampshire that three years later we'd think nothing of limbing and logging a 30 foot tree before supper ...

Management tackled the high level branches, I did all the others.

Just the messy bits to deal with now.


  1. Two years ago I left a treeless barren landscape...well, it was beautiful in it's own right) and moved to the top of a mountain where I'm surrounded by woods! There has to be a happy medium and I think you found it BW!! I do miss my sunrises and sets. We've taken down a few trees, mostly dead and it can be a bit scary for sure. I think you had this one well under control!

  2. A job well done, and obviously necessary.

    I agree, I do so hate to see a tree come down.
    I am a little bit of an ostrich.....I am sure I have many trees that should come down, but can't stand the thought of doing so. I will leave them to the wildlife and see what happens. Ha!!

  3. You'll be well prepared for the next few ice ages then!

  4. Just had a major catch up ,,, looking good Bilbo. Your potager looks brill, so tidy!!!!! Would love that house at Mungrisdale (is there an 'e' in the middle!) ,,,, oh well! Jill

  5. It's always a difficult decision to fell a tree isn't it?

  6. Thanks for all your comments, sorry about the delay in acknowledging.


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