Thursday, 12 May 2011

23 minutes

23 minutes - that was all it took to drive from home to Cinderdale Common by Rannerdale and I didn't hurry.

Just a little birthday-treat-to self ... the weather wasn't brilliant but it is far too long since I walked in Rannerdale and today was definitely the day to go back. There are no bluebell photos because it managed to rain when I started walking and when I returned.

The route was a bit unplanned, one of those "hmm, I think I'll just go that way" .... up the valley alongside Squat Beck until the second footbridge, then a bit off piste traversing to Whiteless Breast where I could look down on Rannerdale Knotts. Dry and bright at this point but exceptionally windy which is why the video is rather shaky - and I was sitting down! Then a gentle walk back down, in all a little under 4 miles but felt like much less.

It was very windy, the number to look for on the anemometer is 34 - that's a gust of 34 miles per hour. The rest of the time it was in the high 20's.

As the weather wasn't conducive to summit photos either, here's one I made earlier:

"It's my birthday and I'll shout if I want to!"

Taken on a different birthday,three years ago.


  1. Happy (belated) birthday, dear hobbit! It's come round a bit quick hasn't it? I thought that you must be like the queen and have two in one year, but I've been back to last year to check, and you're right, it is your birthday!

    Not sure that I would have enjoyed Rannerdale in that gusty weather - bit surprised that you didn't get blown right off the top!

  2. Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, tra-la-la, Happy Birthday to you!

  3. Thanks girls.

    Hazel, it wasn't that windy - think of it as refreshing!

  4. Seems it was a bit blowy, but lovely pictures all the same. Oh and Ollie wasn't shouting, he was singing "Happy Birthday".

  5. You're right Sue, but he was shouting "Happy Birthday to me" (that's him ... not me). Even before we lived here I used to try to take him to Rannerdale for his birthday!

  6. happy hobbity birthday to you :o)
    reading your post today at marvelled at how you and G share the same birthday before realising I was a whole 6 days late to the party. Sounds like a wonderful day out and better than G's today at work at the naughty school!
    If I get off the computer he may at least get a nice birthday tea.
    love N x

  7. A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, Hobbit!! Been away and just now getting caught up. So glad you are getting in some fun stuff.


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