Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Will this make it rain?

Any chance that finally fixing up the shed drainage could stimulate some rain?

The original Heath Robinson arrangement had worked remarkably well but this is an order of magnitude better.

Very pleased to have started and finished something in one session!


  1. The forecast here looks pretty dry for the next few days as well, but it's worth trying to tempt it. Much as I love the warm sunny weather, we could do with a wet day or two!

  2. SewAli, Management tells me the forecast is for it to stay dry :{< I'm already fed up with watering everything in the nursery area!

  3. No it will stop it raining - if ut was falling apart then it would rain!

  4. Stimulating rain hints:
    1) Arrange a BBQ
    2) Clean the car
    3) Make plans to watch cricket
    Hope that these help.
    CB xxx

  5. Thank you all, especially CB {loud snortle at stupid private joke!!)

    GLA - when did it last rain at your lottie (I know, I should go and look at Martyn's weather diary ....)

  6. The last significant amount of rain was 26 Feb when we had 11.4 mm We had 3 mm on March 13 but since then it's been less than 1mm a day, in the last 2 months we haven't reached 10 mm of rainfall!!

    Don't tell Martyn that I told you!

  7. No rain here either!

    Had hosepipe out over the weekend to give last year's new ones (the ones that had survived the winter that is!) a drink!

    Expecting a hosepipe ban here any minute!

  8. GLA - promise I won't breath a word! I know how little is has rained here by the quantity of 'green dots' (and lack of pink ones) on the calendar this month.

    Jill, I'll be watering seriously by this weekend. The strawberry bed is about to flower and the first asparagus shoots look like they could do with a good soaking.


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