Friday, 8 April 2011

Watching paint dry

Never one to do things by halves .... Our spare room was a cluttered dumping ground dominated by a double bed that is never used - on the rare occasions we do have an overnight visitor then a single bed is enough. We had an opportunity to pass the double bed to someone we know who badly needed new furniture and cannot afford it at the same time as we saw one of these "single beds with a truckle underneath" on sale; it's something we've both always wanted to get for this room so now was as good a time as any.

So, over the course of the end of last week and the weekend, I sloshed paint on the walls and made a vast improvement. We shall not call this decorating, it is slapping white and magnolia paint on top of the wallpaper to freshen things up. Management will help me put up the curtain rail at the weekend.

I wonder how long we can keep it this tidy?
Very satisfying to remove more traces of Mrs Previous Owner!


  1. Ooh Err, I'm really not going to recognise the place am I? Pleased you are getting on with it all. You have my symapthy with all the upside downness. It was bad enough here, but I think you've got it worse. At least the weather is cheerful at the moment.
    Look forward to seeing it all when it's finished!

  2. Thanks CB, appreciate the sympathy/empathy. Sorry to have been a miserable so-and-so recently and not been over to visit, difficult to make plans to come out if I'm half expecting trades. There will soon be lots of trips to nurseries and HRT* so I'm sure I will see you both much more often as Spring progresses into Summer.

    * Horticultural RetailTherapy!

  3. Sounds like you've made real progress and will soon have your house back to being your home.

  4. Oh, I thought that was going to be 'Hattie Retail Therapy'. Never mind, I'll tell her it is really!!

  5. Truckle bed doo-dah is a really good idea!

    You are right about 'vast improvement' - I can only presume that Mrs Previous had small children, looking at that border. Actually, perhaps it a nursery decorated before the child was born (hence the blue AND pink!)

  6. Thank you girls, getting there, "just" the painting now. Decorator is due tomorrow morning - fingers crossed she turns up!

    Hazel, yes, it was kids bedroom. A right little brat who tipped a bottle of shampoo down one wall. Hidden behind the bed is a stain which keeps seeping through the emulsion. One day I'll fix it but now is not that day!

    CB - but what would I buy the dog who has everything {grin}

  7. You did the world a favour painting over that wallpaper, it's scary! The truckle bed looks very nice.

  8. Cheers SewAli, the bed is very comfy too!


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