Thursday, 7 April 2011

The upheaval continues

Dust sheets, mess, every single room in the house in disarray. I won't complain - well not much. Am well aware just how lucky we are to be able to do all this and it's going to be fabulous when finished, but .... both Management and I will be very glad when everything is done, the house is straight again and we no longer have a procession of white vans on the driveway.
I think my sewing room used to be somewhere under this mess

I had a little "progress report" all drafted out - but somewhere in the middle of being over tired and doing too much I deleted it all.

So, briefly ... Wayne and Keith were here on and off much of last week and the week before. We went from holes in walls to stud partition (which I didn't manage to photograph), followed by the thickest plastering Wayne can remembering having to apply, to a finish coat.

The finish coat has been taking forever to dry because of the thickness of plaster underneath. I managed to paint two sections of wall before the radiators were fitted but the one in my sewing room just wasn't dry enough.

Unexpectedly, Glen arrived on Tuesday and by Wednesday lunchtime was finished with all the electrics except for some tumble dryer venting conduit which is ordered. Andrew and Michael worked all day Wednesday fitting radiators and removing old pipework and they're now finished too.

Who knew bare plaster could look so good :}>

Management is too busy and I am too tired for the decorating so we have done something that neither of us has ever done before: employed a decorator. Hopefully she will be here Monday morning and by the end of next week we might be able to start moving furniture to where it needs to be.


  1. It is hideous when you are in the middle of all that MESS - everything grubby, can't find anything, workmen everywhere. But it WILL be worth it!

    In the meantime, make the most of Sunday! Hope you have the same glorious weather as we've had - so do have a play in the garden - but do take time to sit and look at the view, won't you?

  2. Thanks Hazel, weather glorious here (although greenhouse already overheating). Outside all yesterday and plan for same today.

  3. I'm loosing track of what you're working on :o). You'll have to give us a grand tour when it's all done and identify which room is which. I'm sure you'll be very relieved when it's finished, as well as very happy to get the house how you want it.


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