Sunday, 10 April 2011

Sick of logs yet?

It is slightly surreal to have the log store nearly full and ready for next winter when we've barely finished using the stove for this one! Slightly glum that, because we've been cutting different sized timber, there has not been any need to use the log splitter. Then I realised I will use the splitter when it comes to topping up the kindling store - smiles all round!

Another restful Sunday as we are both determined to get this pile removed before John arrives with a larger digger (whenever that might be ....).

8 hours of chain sawing later and "the pile" is considerably smaller and with the exception of the two big trunks, will only take one more session to deal with.

We've been sorting out the small bits and they've been moved to the bottom gate awaiting the arrival of friends who are more than happy to take our "rubbish".

Of course, because Management and Hobbit are slightly insane, we also spent a little time with some elderly neighbours who recently cut down a small cherry tree*. We've sawn the stump down to just below ground level and will go back later in the week to get rid of the main trunk for them.

* let's be accurate here - SHE cut down the tree and is 70 years old and had a pacemaker fitted in January - it's not just young Hobbits who do mad things!


  1. Oh my, you've been a busy girl!!! We took a break and went to the lake for a few days with the camper. Now to face the music, so to speak, at home!! I'm about up to my eyeballs in leaves!!! I'd love for you to have them all!!

  2. I suspect there would be all sorts of agricultural rules to prevent you sending them to me!! Thanks for the thought, though!


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