Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Red Relief

Our little red friends have been noticeable by their absence over the winter and that has caused a lot of worry. Thankfully they are now back and even more happily I can say "they" as opposed to "it".

We definitely have two red squirrel visiting. One has a dusky back and tail and the other is much more red.

Neither are particularly keen on having their picture taken at present and have obviously ticked the no publicity box. Despite a new chunk of Canon glass which is meant to make bird & squirrel photos more successful I'm not managing to get many pictures of them.


  1. We went armed with peanuts when we went to Cumwinton but sadly no squirrels to be seen.

  2. Sorry :{ You should have come here (yes, I know you would have if you could!)

  3. Well, if you'd like to give me the shiny new Canon glass I'd be happy to put it through its paces — it might take me a few months (or even years) {g}

  4. That would be the shiny new Canon glass which is going back to the supplier this week.

    Am not convinced the autofocus is working properly, they have agreed to take it back and give me a full refund and frankly, I am relieved. It is not working out quite how I had hoped (but it does give me a nice little pot of cash that may burn a hole in my camera bag .....)

  5. Yikes! At least they're doing the right thing refunding you and you're just as likely to give it back to them for something else anyway — like a 7D? {g}

  6. No, you dratted boy, NOT a 7D (although I confess it is tempting!)


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