Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Fortunately I was in the kitchen when this particular bird-brain managed to fly in through a window that was only open 2".

Usual procedure - quickly shut doors, open windows as wide as possible and retreat. On this occasion I could hide behind the glass door leading into the 'old' sewing room and watch as this little Bluebird investigated the kitchen.

S/he didn't seem particularly stressed or in a hurry to leave.

Whilst watching the Bluebird I also got to see the lovely Long Tailed Tit outside.


  1. What a treat! WE have blue tits in our nest box cam - we are enjoying watching them build their nest. There's a link form the sidebar of my blog for snippets of the action.

  2. GLA, I've looked enviously at your nest-box-cam, definitely something we will do in the future.


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