Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The obelisks have landed!

Patersons brought the remaining two obelisks.

Seeing as it hasn't rained properly for weeks and the ground is so dry you need a pickaxe to dig there is absolutely no chance of my having prepared the bed they are to stand on ... sigh ... another Bag End job started and not completed through no fault of my own.

However, having all 4 (very) large wooden structures here means it was time to get the woodstain out.


  1. Magnifique! Foudn your blog via the link on Sue's post (Green Lane Allotments) - what a fabulous place to garden. Hope you get some rain soon - so long as I do too, talk about "Earth stood hard as iron", I have things to plant, areas to dig over, and don't own a jackhammer!

  2. Hi Janet, thank you for visiting and saying hello. Have had a quick "return visit" to Plantaliscious but your site deserves my full attention when I have a little peace and quiet here ...

  3. ohhhhh just clicked on my favourites folder and thought oh go on try Bag End and its back on view. Very pleased as I used to love watching all your tireless toiling - inspirational in fact.

    Glad to be allowed back in :-)


  4. Hello Janette, good to hear from you again. Thanks for the comment.

  5. I did read in my scan through/catch up that you felt people were hitting and running and not taking part. I cant comment on tothers but I know personally I dont always feel like joining in but that doesn't mean I dont enjoy the blog. I definitely do. The scenery the wildlife (not sure I have ever seen a red squirrel!) Been visiting on and off for quite a while since before you lost the hairy one. Anyway waffling a bit glad you are back! When I saw you were I passed on your site link to a friend who is a comper and top cook but her hubby is a gardener. Funnly enough just after I emailed her and said perhaps Mark would like this blog I see you have a mutual link - plantilicous? Not sure if Mark has popped by but his blog (if you ever find the time to read anyone elses with all that you have going on - see you have turned to the bungalow now! lol His is Keep up the good work and heres to a nice relaxing Radox bath for you to enjoy (rather than raising a glass)


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