Saturday, 30 April 2011

NGS Garden Visit, Chapelside in the Spring

I visit this garden so often that I'm in danger of being handed a trowel and told to get on with some work. Robin and Tricia's first open weekend of the year and I wanted to see what damage last winter had done*, get a look at the evergreen structure which is harder to see once the season gets going and how their lush perennial borders look this early in the year.

Part of the huge perennial bed near the house - looks a bit different in July

A very bad photomerge of the pond

Camassia naturalising in grass next to the daffodils
This bed behind the house is very different in the summer

Inspiration for my alpine bed, if I can ever get onto the soil to dig it over.

* a couple of very large and elderly hardy fuchsias didn't make it, but that was about it.

I also shot some video which shows the beauty of this garden much better than photographs. Trouble is, my trusty PC running a Luddite OS (Windows XP) is kicking and screaming about handling HD video and flatly refusing to co-operate ... it may be time to join the 21st century which will be both expensive and mentally draining.

PS: If you'd like to live next door to this horticultural heaven, this is for sale. Do a search on Rightmove for Mungrisdale, Penrith.

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