Monday, 4 April 2011


Another "quiet" Sunday, or business as usual at Bag End.

Management set them up and I knocked 'em down ... or rather, he sorted out the ridiculous quantity of small sticks which seem to have made their way into the large pile near the kitchen and stacked up all the "good stuff" right next to where I had the saw horse set up. After that it was very simple and extremely satisfying to pick up a log, chain saw it into WBS sized chunks, then another, then another . . . and no wonder I was really tired when I eventually gave up for the night.

Huge pile waiting to go in the log store.

It's getting warmer and warmer and we no longer need the stove on every night (although that hasn't stopped me on occasions). Despite the last winter being one of the coldest on record, we seem to have used only 5/8ths of the timber we prepared last year. Not sure how that is because we haven't scrimped on the number of fires lit or how much fuel we put on each night. At the rate I'm currently sawing up logs we could well have the store completely full again by the end of this month.

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