Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Log Pile? What log pile?

Last Friday and all day Sunday I moved logs. One small sentence which doesn't really describe how much timber was sorted, loaded onto the wheelbarrow, stacked somewhere else. Oh my aching legs doesn't really describe it either.

End result is fabulous though!

Management and I will chainsaw this last trunk into submission when I'm not so tired. Looks rather different from the end of March.


  1. Wow, what a difference! I rather like the sculptural quality of the single log. And think of all the leg strengthening you're doing for your fell walking :o).

  2. I agree - that log looks lovely, rather like a bench.


  3. Lovely comments, thank you both.

    We have toyed with the idea of leaving the trunk where it is, but probably won't. Carole, the possibility of slicing the top horizontally to make a seat was discussed.

    What we might well do, however, is leave a section about 6 foot long and roll it next to the pond when that is dug.

  4. You could save a few logs and make an insect log pile - you may even get a stag beetle

  5. Guffaws loudly!! GLA, have you seen the size of our log piles (at a conservative guess we have 6 - 7 winters worth of fuel stacked behind the house!)

    Seriously though, there will definitely be a small log pile near the pond, we did this at the last house and it makes a great home for frogs & toads.

  6. Worthy of a drum roll! That looks a million dollars - well done!

  7. Hazel, thank you m'dear. When you're as physically tired as I am at present, praise is very much appreciated. And now I'm off to bed .....

  8. It's so nice to see that pile that I've attacked with you on previous visits has now disappeared. Pat on the back to DH & Management.

  9. James, don't worry, I am sure I can find more work for you to do, even without the big log pile {chortle}


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