Friday, 15 April 2011

In the greenhouse

Another busy week, March might have been the driest on record but April is rapidly heading the same way. No point in trying to straighten anything in the house until all the decorating and other works are finished therefore escaping outside every day made sense (the alternative being laying around on the sofa watching TV - nah - or catching up on email and paperwork - double nah!)

Lots of vegetable seeds sown which come under the heading of fruit (which makes sense when you realise that peas are the fruit of the plant and that's the bit we eat).

Found myself with two varieties of aubergine which was a mistake. I'd received a packet of Szechuan from HSL and also purchased Money Maker 2 from Sarah Raven when I forgot about the HSL ones . Many seeds left from both packets.
Money Maker 2 Szechuan is described as "name translates as 'land of the four rivers'. Long thin Chinese aubergine, originally collected by Joy Larkin in 1994. Fruit 15-25 cm long, begin porcelain white turning purple in sun. No need for salting, not bitter".

They sound wonderful!

Am not growing squash this year for us - takes up too much room and we don't eat enough of it but have sown a tray for EJ, our farmer friend.

Two types of courgette: All Green Bush which did so well last year and Gold Rush because we were very pleased with a yellow plant given to us last summer.

Two cucumber, La Diva from Sarah Raven and Perfection from Chiltern Seeds. Of course I don't need or have room for this many curcubitae ....
La Diva

My two Heritage climbing peas from last year's seed - Stephens and Robinson.

Two beans - Polestar stringless runner from Nic and Kew Blue climbing french bean from HSL. The later was a lucky dip packet and will be interesting ... hope the purple pods are as good as the purple peas (Stephens) we like so much.

I may have made a mistake sowing Artichoke Green Globe, a packet of seeds I bought last year and never opened, they might fare better sown on a flower day, not a fruit one, we shall see ... Anything edible will be a bonus, the plants are beautiful enough in their own right.

Finally, where would a summer greenhouse be without tomato? HSL Broad Ripple Yellow Currant, a gift from Hazel.
I'm not a fan of yellow toms but EJ is so the plants are for him.

For us there are three HSL varieties, Carlton is a Beefsteak, Pop-In is a Plum tomato, and Imur Prior Beta is a salad-type.

During the week there has also been moving of half-rotted compost from one bin to another (very satisfying) and moving of more logs from the huge pile near the kitchen window (also very satisfying!). All in all, a bloody good week!


  1. I'm feeling hungry reading this entry. I can still taste those sweet oddly shaped tomatoes from last year!

  2. That was the Costoluto Fiorentino, they were rather fabulous, weren't they?

    Still available and I would definitely grow them again but wanted to try new varieties this year.


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