Saturday, 9 April 2011

Here's something you don't see every day

Gardening took a break on Saturday afternoon as we watched some very tired looking volunteers on the River Derwent.

They were raising money for Help for Heroes

At least they had gorgeous weather for the event, but it must have been horribly hot inside those spheres.


  1. I hope they raised loads of money then - as you say, it must have been so hot in those bubble things.

  2. I think that the being in a bubble doofah is a really, really good way to feel very sick indeed! Hope they raised lots of money.

    That's the bridge that has been repaired across and to the left as you look out from your front?

  3. Haven't seen any reports yet about how much they raised but I hope it's enough to make the exhaustion and heat stroke the volunteers must have suffered worthwhile.

    Yes Hazel, that's the bridge down from us which was closed after the flood.

  4. Hazel - report in the local paper - £6K so far with more to collect.


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