Saturday, 2 April 2011

Happy Days, Beechgrove is back

Gardening on television is finally back on track. Monty seems to be getting into his stride hosting Gardeners' World from his own back yard - last night's programme contained real gardening, proper advice and dirty hands. Looking back on past series of GW, the programme only seems to work when the presenter is allowed to use their own garden - Geoff Hamilton at Barnsdale, Uncle Alan at Barleywood, and now the Lord of Cord gets to show off his own plot at Ivington.

I'm currently reading:

which is throughly enjoyable.

Happiness continues for anyone with Sky because BBC Scotland's magnificent Beechgrove Garden returns for another series, starting Monday.

This is the BBC page for the programme, and this link is to Beechgrove's own site.

On our Sky box, BBC One Scotland is channel 971 and BBC Two Scotland is 990. Hit "record" and Thank Dog for the nice little green "series link" button!


  1. Thanks for the heads up about Beechgrove, I shall hit the green button. I haven't watched last night's Gardener's World yet, got that on Sky+ for when I get half an hour.

  2. You actually have time to watch TV and read as well! ;-)

  3. Jo, hope you enjoyed it.

    Roddie - behave!!!!! I have to watch TV when I collapse exhausted in the evening because I don't have the energy to do anything else.


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