Monday, 11 April 2011

Flower day

Monday started cold and very, very wet. Management was working at home, our decorator arrived at 8.30am so the logical thing for me to do was escape to the greenhouse.

Brightened up considerably by lunchtime and after a couple of sessions with potting compost and seed packets I had made great progress on the pile of flowering seeds waiting patiently in the bottom of the fridge.

Evening primrose, oenothera missouriensis

Foxglove (seed saved from garden)


Papaver (large, red)

Papaver somniferum 'Black Peony'

Papaver, Parrot tulip

Scabiosa atropurpurea Chile Black (from Jill)
I grew this last year as part of a mix from Chiltern Seeds. Very pretty but it got far too tall and collapsed all over the place. Am going to try pinching out this year and see if I can maintain it as a more bushy plant.

Salvia Phyllis Fancy (from Jill)

Spanish Flag, Mina Lobata


  1. Ohhh! I hope some of those seeds I sent you grow because I lost both my Chile Black and my Phyllis Fancy. Really sad to lose them as they were a delight last year. My Salvia has been tucked up under glass and protected with bubble wrap all winter but the cold was just too much for it with absolutely no sign of life despite me trying to cajole it into even a tiny hint of new growth! Jill

  2. Jill, sorry for the delay - VERY behind with blogs and comments. You were so generous with the seeds you sent last year I haven't needed to sow them all - I'll get the surplus back to you ASAP!

    My sowings haven't germinated yet, I am sure it isn't too late for you to try as well.

  3. No worries. I will just be pleased if you get some germination! Like the new blog but don't know what RSS is and feel I am missing out on something good!!!

    Hope all is well at your side of the country. May be up in May with a bit of luck!


  4. Jill, seeds in the post tomorrow. Will talk to you privately about your May visit.

    RSS feeds are an invaluable way of keeping up with the blogs you like. Ask James to explain it thoroughly {grin} or try and then DON'T BLAME ME for spending even longer on the computer!


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