Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Breeding season

What a delight to see this beautiful Rook collecting nesting material. They have also stripped bark off some of the logs but I didn't manage to photograph a bird flying away carrying a piece about twice as long as itself.

We also have Blue Tits in one of the boxes and lots of pairs of Blackbirds around.


  1. We have blue tits in our new box witha web cam that is really exciting - we have some short video clips on our website

  2. GLA - I've just watched all your videos to date. Absolutely wonderful to see the nest building activity - those little birds work so hard.

  3. Quite - I've been to see the tits in the nesting box too, GLA - brilliant!

    The rook just gleams, Bilbo!

    Our urban setting (complete with cats) allows for Mr & Mrs Blackbird (who nest to the left at the back); Mr & Mrs Robin (who nest in the evergreen-tree-which-isn't-a-conifer to the right); an occasional visiting wren; and my favourite, the much-dismissed but handsome dunnocks.

    And the bloody pigeons.

  4. Hi Hazel, how are the furry ones at present?

    Congrats on both your nests. We have dunnock too but they like having their photo taken as much as me, although I don't spend my time scurrying about under hedges in order to avoid the camera.

  5. Crikey BW you must have spent ages watching those clips. More to come soon - it takes a while to pick the bits for editing

  6. Unless I missed some GLA, I think it was only about ¼ of an hour.

  7. I guess it just seems like ages when I am editing them!


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