Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Progress - inside

Another day of mess and mayhem but lots of progress too. The laundry room is now lined out (plasterboard) and more blown plaster has been taken off the sewing-room-to-be walls.

Keith & Wayne also removed the arch formers and discovered that one of the small walls is defying gravity and (once again) the wallpaper was probably helping hold it in place. Although it might be OK, taking a long-term view we've decided these blocks are also coming out and will be replaced with the stud wall.

The light blocks on the left are no longer joined to the darker ones to their right. It's possible that the vibration from drilling out the new doorway broke the mortar, or maybe they have been like this for ages - a little unnerving to be able to push an entire section of wall and see it move. Another benefit of being in a bungalow - it's not load bearing!

Huge amount of rubbish on the drive and there are concerns as to whether it will all fit in the skip I've ordered, especially as we still have the old kitchen worktops laying around and I'd hoped to get rid of these at the same time.

Relative peace & quiet until Monday as the boys are off for the rest of the week to finish another job.


  1. You guys are really having a smashing time at the moment! I won't recognise the place next time I see it.

  2. Thanks Ali, I am looking forward to when you feel able to come up for a long weekend and can see it all for yourselves. Do you need more bird food yet?

  3. I think anyone visiting Bag End in the near future will find themselves walking into walls muttering, "I'm sure there used to be a door here!"

  4. Well why not James? We're doing it all the time! It is now only possible to get into the sitting room via what used to be the sewing room ... we've given up counting how many times we've set off up the hall ....


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