Tuesday, 8 March 2011


The nursery area came a step closer today when Keith arrived unexpectedly. Half an hour with the chainsaw from me (strewth my shoulders hurt - I am so out of practice) and 2½ hours digging from him made a huge difference.

The ivies are growing over cotoneaster stumps and will be left because they are mature and produce fruit. I'm struggling with the self-sown yew - it is too big to move successfully so part of me wants to leave it in situ. I'm telling myself I can trim it each year and it will be additional wind protection. The truth is it ought to come out but I'm not yet ready to pronounce a death sentence.


  1. Looks like you've been busy again!!! I think you'll be very pleased later this summer when flowers are blooming and the weather is lovely. Then you will have those moments to sit and savor all your hard work to date.

  2. It's all progress. Nice to see something good for your shoulder pain.

  3. You have been working hard, what great progress!

  4. Nice to see something good for your shoulder pain.

    Yup - I bet 2.5 hours of Keith digging did wonders for your shoulder {g}

  5. Thank you all, I confess it was lovely to have someone else doing the real heavy work. Unfortunately the weather hasn't been kind so Keith has not been back yet.


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