Tuesday, 15 March 2011

It will all be worth it in the end

Muttering darkly under my breath .... I really don't like this: the disruption, the mess, nasty fine dust everywhere.

Quite a few Hobbit-hours over the last few days removing wallpaper. With the assistance of a neat little steaming machine the paper has been flinging itself off the walls with considerable ease, unfortunately revealing that the plaster underneath is in as bad a state as expected together with evidence of previously blocked up doors that we can't work out the reason for!

Today was the worst so far -

Two out of four walls in the soon-to-be laundry room have blown plaster and need relining. Looks like the entire hallway will require the same but for today the boys are removing only what is necessary. When I said the only thing holding the plaster up was the wallpaper I didn't really mean it . . .

A small 'whoops' in the tape measure department meant that the new doorway couldn't be exactly where we had planned, which was easily remedied but meant that some of Glen's first-fix electrics are now in in the wrong place. Bless him - he had a spare afternoon and turned up with an hour's notice.

I can't even go into the garden to hide from the mess - solid rain most of the day.


  1. You know, I think your posts have to do the back stroke from UK to USA!!! As usual, I'm getting some of them days behind posting. For instance, the Pinch Me post showed up today with this one. Oh well, I'm getting them, and am mighty pleased to see the progress on the bath. Now, to have such progress on the laundry and sewing room!!!!! Good luck.

  2. FFG - the time delay is me, not you! When I am late in publishing something I still put the "right" date on it. Pinch Me is dated 4th March but I didn't get it on the blog until yesterday, sorry.

    Thanks for your good wishes though, I need them - today threatens to be even more messy than yesterday (plastering) - yuk.

  3. Progress is definitely being made, even if it is dusty progress. Very odd about those tiles though.

  4. I thought you'd gone quiet - now I know why! Just keep thinking about how delicious the new sewing room will be!

  5. WOW — when you talk about redesign I guess you don't mean a coat of magnolia and some new tiles…

    Am I ever going to recognise the place when I next pass by?

  6. Fortunately human nature is to forget the pain but enjoy the benefits. A few weeks of chaos followed by years of pleasure!

  7. Oh dear! I know how you feel, but after about 6 months of chaos, I can confirm - it is worth it in the end. I only hope I don't forget the loo has moved next time I visit!

  8. Thank you all, I confess I'm starting to reel slightly from all that's happened since early February, and thanks to the brick dust the entire house is covered in a horrible fine film ... and that is despite us putting up vertical dust sheets and keeping all the doors closed.

    Never mind, I just tell myself how lucky we are to be able to do it all.


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