Wednesday, 30 March 2011

I am so glad it's raining today

Partly because the ground is dry and badly needs it and partly because it forces me to have a day off. Even so, I still didn't get around to catching up on blogs and the stupid pile of paperwork sitting on my desk.

We started on the bathroom refit on 21st February and haven't stopped since. The last six weeks have been more than a little full-on. Not complaining, we have three rooms refurbished - just waiting for electric and plumbing second fix, and for decorating. We've achieved LOADS in the garden and I'm really looking forward to the seed sowing season - perhaps this year I might be able to find growing space for everything I germinate? (Perhaps I will say that every single year at this time .....)

After years of thinking about it, recently I finally purchased a copy of Maria Thun's Biodynamic Planting Calendar and wish I'd done it sooner. Having convinced myself it would be terribly complicated I'm delighted to find easy to read charts telling me whether today is best for Fruit, Flower, Leaf or Root - it makes deciding what to work on much easier. I may always have had green paws and no difficulty in raising plants but if following lunar cycles gives me even better crops and plants, what is to lose?

So, as it was a root day, I escaped to the greenhouse mid-morning and now have Pink Fir Apple and Charlotte new potatoes in tubs. AND, the first seed of the year has germinated - a little Cosmos sown on 24th March from a packet which came free with a magazine (and were sown on a Flower day).

There is something absolutely delightful about being in the greenhouse when it is raining outside. It's a feeling up there with smelling freshly mown grass, wriggling your toes in warm sand or sitting on top of a deserted mountain just being quiet and breathing in the view.


  1. What a huge lot of progress you've been making - while I've been piddling about with village flower beds!

    It's all taking shape beautifully. So do you think you'll ever sit down in it and relax? (Fnar, fnar)

  2. Hope you got the email I sent a couple of weeks ago.

  3. VH - I doubt that you ever piddle about. As for sitting down and relaxing - you bet, can't wait, that's why I'm working so hard to get it straight as soon as pos.

    GLA - yes, thank you, just emailed you back.

  4. Each year I wonder about planting by the moon and then never get round to doing my homework. I've noticed that weeding is more effective at certain times in the month so I'm sure there's something in it.
    I'm getting excited about sowing your peas this year so when is the best day for that? And is there a potato day coming up soon?
    Sorry you've got enough to do as it is so I shall check out your link and do some homework myself while it's raining here (very much hoping for a Cumbrian style sunny afternoon!)


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