Thursday, 24 March 2011

Getting tired

The weather is gorgeous and too nice to stay inside. Wayne & Keith back today to build up the missing wall so outside I went. Work-rate definitely down on the previous few days! Putzed around tidying up a couple of raised beds, moving perennials out of the greenhouse,

setting up more staging in the nursery area. Mid afternoon it was 95 degrees in the g/house, far too hot to comfortably (or safely) work in there!

Transplanted the remainder of the snowdrops from the raised bed. Very impressed with how much growth this group have put on since James kindly sent them to us. I confess when they arrived in March last year I was more than a little concerned that the bulbs were too dry but they definitely liked the manure-rich soil in this bed and have done very well.

Started to clean up the Male Ferns. The old fronds have done a good job protecting the crowns over winter and a couple are starting to show signs of green. Am looking forward to getting them in the ground, they have been in pots far too long.

Had a half-hearted attempt at dividing some perennials but both the geraniums and this Alchemilla mollis had a solid mass of root which defied a spade, knife and saw, so they can stay as they are and will be planted next door where they can do what they like!

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  1. I'm going to a friend's next week to dig out some snowdrops to transfer to the allotment. Snowdrops were the only flowers out during our sad time in Feb so I thought it would be nice to have something to look forward to and smile about the same time next year. Fingers crossed I don't kill them off between now and then!


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