Thursday, 10 March 2011

Garden Visit: Holehird

In true Wallis & Grommit style, a "Grand Day Out". I think "the boys" are back next week to knock holes in walls therefore if I am to have another day off and go out to play it had to be now.

The Lakeland Horticultural Society has always impressed and intimidated me in equal measure. The LHS is based at Holehird, a lovely garden on the outskirts of Windermere, with 17 acres beautifully managed entirely by volunteers. The intimidation comes from the fact that many of the active LHS members are on RHS committees, judges and world-class experts in their particular speciality. However, it was time I joined the LHS and went to visit the gardens.

All I can say is more fool me for not going sooner. It has to be the friendliest, most welcoming garden I have ever visited. Even before I'd bundled up against the bitter wind and left the car someone came over to say hello. During my visit I was "adopted" by one of the Committee Members who decided I didn't need to wait until the New Members Day on 9th April to be shown around so I was given private tour of the library, reading room, computer centre and all the other facilities available. All this plus two superb colour Journals (I bought back issues) plus other benefits for £14 a year.

I went today in order to see what was looking good apart from the obvious winter bulbs and hellebores. Holehird is near to Stagshaw and Townend House - definitely the stuff of numerous additional Grand Days Out in future.


  1. I had a look at the website when you told me about LHS, Bilbo, and it looked lovely from that - both in terms of the grounds and the attitue, so it doesn't surprise me that you had a lovely time!

    Cracking view in the first pic - but possibly sitting on that bench can be a bit on the bracing side!

  2. You're right Hazel, it was a bit cold to linger on that bench.

  3. It looks wonderful, really well kept, and with loads of things to look at, even at this time of year.

  4. You're right Sue, would definitely recommend a visit, and not as big as Harlow Carr so easier to get round.


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