Sunday, 6 March 2011

End in sight or endless slog?

This journal has turned into one account after another of endless hard work, however, as with most diaries that is only half the story. Although it never seems "blog worthy" there are an increasing number of moments when I stop and sit in the garden, or sit inside looking out and think "we've turned a corner". Granted, there is still a phenomenal amount of work to do before Bag End becomes a real garden but I'm starting to get tantalising glimpses of how it might be in a year or two. The Potager beds are nearly ready for planting, the Utility area (shed/greenhouse etc) is really taking shape and working well but most exciting is the Cottage Garden. Now we have the trellis fence this area has taken on a feeling of privacy and seclusion but it's not oppressive. Even without any planting it has become a favourite place to sit and admire the view.

I'm also aware that the red squirrel pictures have pretty much dried up - that's lack of effort on my part. Although we haven't seen Reds as much over the last winter as in previous years they are still around. I should mention the little things, like seeing a huge bumblebee yesterday, or finding ladybirds hibernating in the log store, or the endless bird song.

OK, mentioned them all, now back to the endless grind!

It has been difficult to get into the garden as much as I would like in the last fortnight but a new bathroom in 2 weeks plus a start on changing the use of some rooms is excellent progress. Over the last couple of days I've managed a few hours here and there and although nothing is completely finished, I've chipped away at some big jobs. About a quarter of the trellis is creosoted and our neighbour continues to be delighted with the new boundary.

The nursery area is waiting for Keith to come and dig up the self-seeded holly & level the soil.

With Management's help I put four of the Hay Racks back on the balcony - the bulbs have put on loads of growth in the last week or so, as have the daffodils by the road, another couple of warm days and they'll be in flower.

Had an unscheduled "attack of the pruning saw" moment and took revenge on a couple of wayward bushes which attacked me every time I went into the overgrown shrubbery behind the house.

As a result of unplanned tree surgery the rubbish pile suddenly seemed out of control. At tea-time on Sunday there was, unusually, no wind and I hoped all sensible people would have gone indoors. 90 minutes later the rubbish was reduced to a pile of embers and it was time to come in and collapse!

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