Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Three days in row

For three consecutive days we have been visited by a female Bullfinch. Not seen her brightly coloured partner yet but expect he is around somewhere and will be a lovely sight during the Spring, even if I do curse their abilities to eat the buds off everything. Also seen a lot recently have been a good number of Brambling, 7 or 8 on one occasion.

Dreadful pictures, really not the weather to be photographing birds.

The weather is GHASTLY today. Very high winds, driving rain, quite disgusting but it has meant I've knuckled down to a few indoor jobs.

Situation normal when it is this windy - we'll have to give serious thought to how we secure that bench when it goes in front of the new bed, normally things get blown backwards at Bag End, unusual for it to have blown forwards.

One of the planned tasks was to sort through the seed box which is, again, burgeoning with packets and all I've acquired so far this year are my regulation 7 varieties from HSL. Irritatingly however, the goblins have hidden the list which Management and I made of the food crops we really wanted to grow in 2011, rather than those which might get planted "just because". This list has been fixed to the fridge since last Autumn and I know I saw it as recently as a week or so ago, of course, now I want the ruddy thing it has disappeared.

Also hidden by goblins is the bag of instructions and fixings for the hen house. No, don't go getting ideas - whilst it is the long-term intention to have Bag End Hens, I just wanted the bag to have a look at, rather than do anything with. This is another item which has spent six months in the kitchen, safely nestled in the little trug which stores "all sorts of small stuff I haven't put away yet". No idea where the damn thing is, probably left the county with the crop list looking for better weather.


  1. Bramblings are gorgeous birds although U haven't ever seen a live one!

  2. GLA, I think the bramblings are very localised. Have always seen them in the Lake District but never in Hampshire. Apparently they are usually found with finches.

  3. Blimey - that weather has had a right go, hasn't it?

    Wise to have a sowing plan - even if it has disappeared for the time being. It will turn up once you have gone to the trouble of sitting down and trying to re-create it. Or it might be in the fridge - or is that just me? What did you have from HSL?

  4. I do think Miss Hazel got it right about the weather you've had!! We're sitting down here, keeping our heads low and hoping to miss out on all the nasty stuff traveling around the U.S.

  5. Hen house instructions? Yayy!

    Sow randomly like I do. It's a plan. A rubbish one admittedly, but a plan.

    People who tidy up often lose things I've noticed (tongue firmly in cheek!)

  6. Bad Hobbit, how did I miss all these comments?

    Hazel, sowing plan turned up inside a seed catalogue! HSL was lettuce, tomato, aubergine and the freebie was a runner bean.

    FFG - you've had some stupid weather recently. Hope things are more settled now.

    VH - Have realised I am way too far from Outgate Poultry to realistically brings girls home from there. But your Outgate Blacks are so pretty!


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