Thursday, 10 February 2011

A stroll up Sale Fell

Clear blue sky, no wind, gorgeous conditions. Management suggested I give the garden a day off and go for a walk. I chose Sale Fell because I know it extremely well and there was little chance of me getting into any serious trouble if my hip decided not to co-operate.

It's been nearly two years since I walked "properly". After an awful fall near Grasmoor I thought I'd got a badly bruised hip; one bereavement, one flood and more than a year later the doctor decided it was a hip bursitis. A few months of ineffective treatment and we finally got an accurate diagnosis of displaced Sacroiliac joint. Recovery is slow and painful and it took a deep breath and giving myself quite a talking to in order to pack a rucksack and see if I could manage.

Frabjous day, calloo callay, hip barely troubled me at all. I set off thinking I'd walk around the base of the fell but after the first half mile I was walking so easily that I took the path from Dodd Crag to the summit, then walked across to Rivings and had lunch at Lothwaite overlooking Bassenthwaite and Skiddaw.

A blissful walk was finished off by some peaceful time in St Margaret's churchyard enjoying a wonderful display of snowdrops.

The only thing missing was some sunscreen which, strangely enough, I didn't think to pack in mid-February. According to Memory-Map, 3 miles and 923 ft of ascent.

Edit: PS: whilst messing around with the video has been fun, I think I'll stick to JPGs in future, much, much quicker and far less strain on rural broadband


  1. Well done, my friend! Glad you're back to your walking. I was awestruck by those glorious snowdrops!!!! Truly, spring has to be on the way.

  2. Nice to see you out on them thar fells and on such a lovely day.

  3. Wow, wow, wow - what lovely vids! PLEASE just maybe put one in future posts? I just love the panoramas - and the snowdrops take your breath away.

    AND I've just spent a stupid amount of time poring over the OS map pic - I know that it's not just me who loves them, so fascinating! Makes you wonder what the Phesant Inn is like, or if the water mill at Wythop Mill is open.

    I'm so glad that your hip didn't play you up - hope you are not suffering today on the back of it. I know that there is merit in not overdoing things, but I bet it's given you confidence to go out there and do more...

  4. Takes me absolutely ages to follow a video because every couple of seconds it starts buffering. Rural broadband, as you say!
    Fabulous views though and I'm glad your hip stoof up to the walk. Onward and Upward!

  5. Thank you all,

    Flum - when YouTube is being stupid and stuttering I find it best to click "play", walk away and make a cuppa and come back when it's done. Click "replay" and the buffered data is all waiting for you.

    Hazel - oh goody, another map nerd! I love them, can spend an entire evening pouring over a good OS. The Pheasant Inn is, I am told, quite splendid and booking is essential. Must add to the list of "places we haven't been yet and must rectify".

    The Mill at Wythop is now a house - currently for sale at a mere £650K. You'll find it on Rightmove.

  6. Hooray, the Lakes are your oyster now!

  7. Thanks SewAli, I thought of you whilst looking at St Bega {smile}

  8. I too have sacro iliac problems - I also have a wonderful physiotherapist (who used to be physio to the Zimbabwean rugby team) and I go to her once a month for manipulation and an exercise programme. She has made all the difference to my life.


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