Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Stir Crazy

After an entire week of not just rain, but deluge of Biblical Proportions, I was getting a bit stir crazy sitting indoors looking at all the things I wanted to get on with outdoors.
Flooded fields on Sunday

Thankfully Tuesday has given a respite from typical February weather so it was outside to see what I could manage on sodden ground. I know pushing a barrow around a wet lawn is not ideal, but the ground is already so compacted that I don't think I made it much worse (and when John and a 5 ton digger turn up later in the Spring to do some heavy-duty soil shifting my little barrow is going to be of no consequence).

The very makeshift asparagus windbreak has finally given up the ghost so I cleared up the entire bed, topped it up with some topsoil and a barrow of lovely rotted cow manure. Will have to re-think how to stop the ferns blowing over but that can wait until later in the summer.

An empty section of the Log Store became a makeshift spray booth, finished off one can of Hammerite, know I have another somewhere but couldn't find it ... shed really needs straightening out when it is not so cold and wet.

Emptied the remainder of the bulk bag of soil onto the big new bed in the Cottage Garden.

Messed around in the nursery area and realised I can't permanently fix the water butt where I want it until I have built the benches ... ruddy dependencies again! For the time being it can stand next to the greenhouse and hopefully won't blow over ....

Cleared up larch slab which had been stored behind the big trellis, laid black membrane and very satisfyingly, it only took four barrows of bark chips to create a path.

Even managed to tidy up the hoses which usually spend their lives laying around in a mess!

Finished off another bulk bag so that leaves just one of bark chips on the front lawn and gives me another two empties. For the time being, the bark path plan against the back fence has been shelved (part of a Much Greater Plan which Management and I have come up with) so I will use the lovely big supply on the drive for other things.

It was good to wander around the potager and cogitate what to plant where this year. James' snowdrops are coming on well, as are the clumps I rescued from the shrubbery last year.

And after all that, washing muddy tools and coming in for a soak in the bath seemed like a very good idea.


  1. Has it really been almost a year since I sent you those bundles of Galanthus? Glad to see that they seem to have survived the postal system fairly unscathed.

  2. Good grief, it's now wonder you were heading straight for a long soak in a bath after our chat yesterday evening!

  3. Ooooh busy busy! I haven't done much here - apart from the ground being sodden each time it rains, it's often hard frozen too. Lovely sunny day yesterday but a hard frost. Managed a bit of seed sowing but that's that. Intrugued by the Much Greater Plan! (Nosey beggar!)

  4. Are you allowed to have a '2 greendot day' as you've done twice as much...?

    It's all looking really good, especially the bark bits. It's too wet for working the ground here, but the sun has been out for the last two days & I have a tiny crocus now out - Spring is starting to spring!

  5. Kindred spirits we are. I also loathe being inside and this week with milder temps and lack of rain I have been working outside.
    Emptied the soil out of five composters around the garden. Managed to cut all my grasses back, and the elder hedge. Coppiced the small wood and put everything through the shredder.......

    You have done well, isn't it satisfying?
    I love my garden, I really do.
    Hope that little ball of fluff is okay.......

  6. James, as I admitted to you at the time, the bulbs had got very dry in transit and I was worried about them.

    Thanks girls for your comments - I had to do so much yesterday because it might well be the only chance I get this week - raining again today.

  7. It's looking very tidy! I used some of the chippings from the piles in the wood from when the trees were felled to make a path at the back of our greenhouse and it's wonderful to walk on. Far better than the muddy mess that was there before I did anything about it! Jill

  8. Hi Jill, glad you are enjoying the pleasures of a bark path! Great to talk to you today, xx


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