Saturday, 5 February 2011

Pre-season cleanup

After the storm on Wednesday the ground was too wet to work on but it was lovely & sunny most of Thursday. The bitingly cold wind meant that being inside the greenhouse was a pleasure, radio on in the background and lots of sorting out.

I'm really pleased how much use I made of the greenhouse during the winter. Despite the temperature dropping to minus 9 the pots of daffodil bulbs seem to have survived and green tips are just starting to show through and the gravel topping seems to have kept the mice out.

Whether the perennials and shrubs survived remains to be seen although there is new growth in some pots.

The greenhouse also served as a brilliant place to store tubs of logs prior to them coming into the house. It meant that the logs we brought indoors were never damp or cold.

Cleaned glass, trimmed dead foliage on pots, moved the daffodil bulbs to get maximum light. Only finished one side but it looks fantastic.

The as-yet untidied hand side is "home" to too many piles of flowerpots and other detritus. Most of this is destined for a new home in the nursery area, unfortunately first I need to build some staging and create a storage area - those dependencies again. If I just put pots out there now they will blow all over the place.


  1. Greenhouse envy again - mine looks so small compared to yours!

  2. Sorry :{ Console yourself with the thought of how much more clearing up I have to do ...

  3. Oh, I so need some of your 'ooomph' to get out and do some cleaning up!! Before I know it, things will be growing like crazy and I'll be behind times!! A little greenhouse sure would be nice, too! I admire your spunk!!

  4. That is just so tidy! We haven't dared go in ours for a few days because of the strong winds - it rattles the glass so much that it is as though the whole thing will shatter around our ears!

  5. That is just so tidy
    The curse of being obsessive-compulsively type A I am afraid! The "price" of our wonderful views is nothing between us and the wind which comes off the Irish Sea so we have the greenhouse very firmly bolted down.


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