Sunday, 20 February 2011

Nice diversion

A pleasant diversion from moving garden rubbish in less than ideal weather was to look at the sunlit fells with a small cloud inversion beneath them.

Skiddaw's summit is clear but Lake Bassenthwaite is covered in cloud (left of pic) as is Keswick:

Hopegill Head looking alpine above the mist:

Western flank of Pillar lit by the setting sun:


  1. Pillar does it for me - that splash of light really lifts an otherwise dull photo and turns it into something special.

  2. Your so lucky to live where you do. Living surrounded by mountains and hills must make you want to get up every day!

  3. Thanks James, sadly the picture doesn't really capture the contrast in the light.

    Chris, how lovely to hear from you, "welcome back" to Bag End.


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