Friday, 11 February 2011

Garden Visits

I have no idea why I suffer such a 'writers block' when it comes to posting about the lovely visits I make to local gardens under the National Garden Scheme (yellow book). It has taken a colossal application of determination and bloody-mindedness but I am finally up to date - TA DA. This may have been something to do with impending panic as the 2011 visiting season is about to start.

The posts have been published on the date I made the visit, and in some cases that's quite a while ago.

Crookdake - 21st June 2009 (yes, that's right - 2009 !)
Brackenrigg Lodge, Windermere - 2nd May 2010
Windy Hall, Windermere - 2nd May 2010
Copt Howe, Langdale - 12th May 2010
Gilgarran Gardens - 6th June 2010
Flemming Square, Maryport - 26th June 2010
Chapelside, Mungrisdale - 10th July 2010

and finally, a record of our Grand Day Out when Flummery, QuiltSue and SewAli got together at Harlow Carr last summer. We really *must* do it again, if only for the scrumptious lunch at Betty's.

So many photos that I had to split the entry up into many sections. Either go to each link or use the "Archive" section to go to July 2010 and scroll down (which might be faster).

Arboretum and Streamside
Kitchen Garden
Gardens Through Time
Long Borders


  1. It was a fab day, thanks for reminding me that summer will come again!

  2. Lovely photos. In the middle of winter it's great to look at them and remember what a wonderful day we had, and also, as sewali said, that summer's coming.

  3. Thanks girls, sorry it's taken me so long to get these published! Hopefully today's visit won't take so long.

  4. How nice to come over and read your blog - lovely garden in the photo by the way. Have you heard of/been to The Himalayan Garden over here in the Dales? It is near to the village of Grewelthorpe not far from where we live and is open only during the rhodendron season - around early April until maybe the end of May. It is well worth a visit. If you decided to come I would be delighted to give you tea

    I am not particularly computer literate so am not sure whether I shall be able to access your blog again, but I do hope so. In the meantime, please call and read mine anytime. Nice to meet you.

  5. Wonderful day out. I'm on for doing it again!

  6. Hi Pat, no, I have no been to the Himalayan Garden but I will certainly have a look online for it. Thank you for the offer of a cuppa - if I do make the journey over I'd be delighted to take you up on the kindess.

    Flummery - I want another visit late March/early April. Gang of Four outing? (shall we invite Hazel :}> )


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