Saturday, 12 February 2011

Garden Visit: Harlow Carr in the Spring, part 2

Having a few minutes to spare before Jill arrived, I had another look at the Gardens in Time section. It definitely deserves thorough exploration and a lot of work has gone into creating these areas.

New willow fedge along the Regency garden, willow is definitely the plant of the moment for screening.

Near the Edwardian area, lovely raised planter but staff working here said that the willow hurdles barely last two years before constant wet and contact with the soil rots them through.

I wonder how long it would take if I asked Patersons to make me a planter like this?

In the Mondrian inspired 1950's garden an incredibly complicated bamboo structure held up with steel wire.

Veg beds in the Victorian Garden waiting for this year's crops

I also peeped into the Scented Garden.

This little seating area looks a bit bare right now, it wouldn't be too difficult to create something like this but with a few nicely scented evergreens as well to extend its season of interest, Sarcococca confusa, Skimmia japonica, small witch-hazel?


The arrangements in this summer house were terribly contrived but the hyacinths smelled wonderful.

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  1. Sarcococca confusa is a favourite of mine. There's one by the bcak door and when I pop in and out the scent is stunning!


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