Sunday, 27 February 2011

Doing too much?

An outstanding and very unexpected Sunday. Went outside early on with no particular plan, sometimes that is the best way . . . By the time I collapsed around 5.00pm I had:

Moved all the limestone chippings out of the nursery area (when Keith and I dig up the holly there will be loads of mud and I don't want the stones sticking to boots and being traipsed everywhere).

Most of it has gone in the greenhouse which is looking fabulous for so early in the year.

A large barrow load has gone in each of the brick planters and thumbscrews are being applied to Wayne to get the wall around the garages rendered so I can put up heavy support for a Wisteria.

A few more barrows of cow muck were pushed up the slope; two raised beds and the long Nectar Bar have been nicely topped up and covered with Enviromesh to protect the soil and give it a chance to warm up a little.

This emptied another builders' bag and it would be nice to find the time to fill this with more debris from the shrubbery area ... don't seem to have done much tidying up in that part of the garden recently.

Also covered up the big bed in front of the trellis.

Amazing how much I can get done without a plan!


  1. Looking good Bilbo! And I can see blue sky which is more than we have here for the third weekend running!

  2. Fancy doing ad hoc stuff to my garden?

  3. Thanks Jill. hope your B.E. is coming on well.

    James - silly boy .............. shaking head


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