Monday, 14 February 2011

Cold and Wet

Dogged determination or sheer bloody-mindedness? The weather is being typically February - cold and wet - but why should that stop me. I managed a couple of hours in the morning, dodging freezing showers, and made a start on heavy-duty clearing of the nursery area extension. The ground was far too wet for normal working but as I don't plan to be planting here in future I'm not worrying about compaction.

Oh goody, more rubbish to get rid of.

Surprisingly, despite the mud it has been remarkably easy to dig up self-seeded hazel, buddleia and bramble, but there is so much ivy that it would take a flame-thrower to make significant inroads into it at present.
Now horribly open and very visible to our neighbour

What's worrying, is that this mess is the "after" picture . . .

Lots of snow visible on Skiddaw once the clouds cleared. Had a very pleasant couple of hours in the afternoon researching garden centres within a reasonable drive of here, not done it before because I have been good and mainly managed to resist buying plants. This will soon change ...

Tidied up half the strawberry bed before nasty sleety rain put paid to my endeavours.


  1. Strawberry bed looking good, even if the nursery area is still a work in progress! Don't fancy working out in the sleet - but perhaps that makes the WBS all the more welcome?

  2. Let's just say there have been more than a few restorative soaks in the bath!


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