Thursday, 10 February 2011

Clear Blue Sky

No rain, no wind, clear blue sky today, absolutely glorious early Spring weather.

And no gardening whatsoever .... full report on T'Other blog once I've cleaned my boots and had a bath.


  1. Now, how do you have such green stuff already??

  2. James - not bad for a still from the camcorder?

    FFG - err, green? That would be the torrential rain, we get rather a lot of in at this time of year!

  3. Frame quality brill from the camcorder - given that you can use frames as stills, I bet you're glad you got the hi-definition one now!

  4. What a picture! Makes me want to dig out me paints!

  5. That's a still? I'm impressed. Of course the still resolution is considerably greater than a single frame... isn't it? Or are you telling me that's a video frame?

  6. re: camcorder shot, sorry if I was confusing, it is not a frame from video. The camera also shoots stills although my experience with it yesterday identified problems if you push the zoom too far.

    James, techie stuff is an image 2592 x 1944, just under 2MB, f/3.3 (d'uh?), av 1/500. That's SOOB, need to see if there are any adjustments worth making.


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