Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Bit Brighter

Brighter today and nowhere near as cold despite a considerable amount of snow making Whiteside live up to its name.

Continuing the joyless task of clearing the nursery area extension. Sadly not able to save a Skimmia japonica, but on reflection it was a pretty shabby specimen. Have filled two giant "green bins" with the small detritus and the rubbish pile is growing.

As neighbours go, the old chap who lives next door is OK, and since we arrived and chopped down all the Leylandii has seemed very happy with our gardening endeavours. Even so, this is way too much visibility, a trip to Patersons is called for to discuss fencing ...

This yew is far too large to move and now I've cleared the rubbish from around it, I rather like it. With a small change of plan it could become part of the nursery area.

The mass of ivy roots are causing something of a sense of humour failure.


  1. Bag End blog entries are like London buses - you wait and then several come along at once!

    Still, when the cloud cooperates, you do have a lovely view to enjoy as you work

  2. Hope Paterson's can come good with the new fencing!

  3. Oh, where have I been the past few days?!?!? Look what I've missed. Good to see you're making some progress in the gardens.

    I was off chasing birds and was rewarded with my first sighting of whooping cranes in the wild. Spectacular.

  4. Ivy roots are the spawn on the Devil! We had them in the overgrown shrub bed I cleared about 3 years ago. You think you've dug them out but another little shoot appears. Keep at it - I know you can do that!

  5. Thanks for all the comments.

    James: {smack switch}="on"

    Hazel - as you've seen, they are surpassing themselves

    FFG - you do have a good excuse, looks like your latest birding trip was fabulous

    VH - Spawn of the Devil? Tell me about it, and you haven't seen how much is on Neville's side (actually, there is very little else on his side ...) As fast as I clear it, the damn stuff will grow back from next door. I may have to resort to glyphosate, even though I don't like using chemicals.


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