Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Bathroom, day two

Wayne said he'd be round at 8.00am and we'd go to the builders' yard together. I didn't believe him but he arrived at 8.03 (is this a Cumbrian record) and the next hour was spent sorting out new flooring, underfloor insulation plus bricks, blocks, and all sorts of other supplies.

He and Keith worked their little socks off all day and handed the bathroom over to me at 5.00 with new pillars and no more springy joists.

I now have new "skills" in cutting builder's strap and fitting pipe insulation.

The first half went well:

By 10.00 I was dirty, tired, my throat still hurt (whine, whine) and I couldn't finish fitting insulation because I think one of the new joints is leaking ... which means Wayne can't fix the floor down first thing tomorrow and that puts everything out unless Andrew or one of his team can get here sooner rather than later.

We've now got 100mm of polystyrene suspended/wedged between all the joists which is a start on the Grand Plan to one day have every floor similarly insulated. With a massive void underneath the house the floors are exceptionally cold and hopefully this, together with thermal foil roll directly under the new floor covering, will make a difference.


  1. I have a similar treat to look forward to later this year hopefully when I attack the bathroom in our cottage. Sadly I don't have the small army of trades you seem to have accumulated, just my brother and I.

    My goal too is to insulate (well, it's the primary goal as it's blinking freezing in winter - think cold enough for the toilet waste to ice up) as it's built out on an overhang and the builder at the time thought some inch thick rockwool nailed to the underside of the chipboard flooring was sufficient. Needless to say, 4 or even 6" Kingspan/Celotex will find its way between the joists as will hopefully another 1/2 inch+ between the joists and chipboard to give a thermal barrier.

    I suspect that you will be finished before I even start!

  2. James, it was a much easier job than I expected. As for the army of trades - you know the answer to that - you need to live in the cottage full-time and get to know the locals better!

  3. Is it only round here that pipe insulation is called 'willy warmer'? Teehee!

    It's amazing how much insulation goes into a house these days - there's certainly a damn site more now under the kitchen floor that the beggars who converted the loft put under the rafters. Grrr!

  4. What a missed opportunity to install a hyporcaust! Still, you'd need a slave to stoke it every day.

  5. Hazel: but is your kitchen warmer as a result?

    Flum - And What Did the Romans Do For You? (she asks being within sight of a Time Team Roman dig a few years back ....)


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