Friday, 4 February 2011

Bag End hens?

First of all there was my friend Flummery, who shares her garden with the Rock Chicks.

Then there was my sister-in-law who keeps a couple of hens in the back garden. She ended up with two hen houses, identical and brand new and the spare one has come to live at Bag End. Thank you J!

And now there is our friend EJ, who farms in the next village. He keeps hens, lots of them, all pure breeds and is very proud of his flock. I popped in to see him this week and after a long chat about tomato plants for this summer, a visit to his first lamb of the year (born that morning) and a tour of his indoor pens I came away with a pile of "used magazines" that he wanted to recycle. In truth I think his wife wanted them out of the way but who cares.

EJ currently has all his birds segregated with the correct cockerel and is collecting eggs which he knows are 'true' and should be fertile. He will start incubating them in a couple of weeks and I suspect in the not too distant future I am going to get asked if I want Wynadottes or Marans ....


  1. How exciting is that?? And it sounds like you have a gem in EJ!

    And surely you cannot tell us about the first lamb of the season with showing us a piccy?

  2. Sorry Hazel, no picture of lamb. I called in on the offchance and didn't have a camera with me. She was a lovely girl, quite big and already standing, EJ was very pleased with her - and only another 449 ewes to go ...

  3. "...and only another 449 ewes to go..." I guess that the 'ahhhhhh' factor dissipates quite quickly....! The only things this townie knows about lambing are from listening to the Archers!

  4. Flummery - assuming that we can get a safe and secure run built then yes, but like you, lots of foxes around here and I don't fancy providing them with a free lunch.

    EJ is only a mile or so from Bag End, I can see his village from here and he told me the foxes are now so bold that they come into the field next to his house during the day.

  5. We get daylight foxes here too. Our farmer friend at the other end of the village has had hens taken in daylight hours. I simply don't trust them and take what are probably ridiculous precautions but so far so good!


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