Saturday, 1 January 2011

Start as you mean to continue

Which means spending New Year's Day outside! In old money, New Year's Day is 21st December but freezing temperatures and snow all around meant I wasn't able to work in the garden then, so have to be content with 1st January.

Management fixed up more chicken wire.

I made sure there is to be no escaping from the balcony.

Probably to the surprise of the neighbours I had the lawnmower out but not to cut grass. Many leaves had come down behind the house and after a quick rake the mower was the quickest way of picking them all up.

The days are already beginning lengthen, almost imperceptibly at the moment, then faster and faster, gaining momentum until a point towards the end of February or beginning of March when I suddenly realise with pleased surprise that it's no longer dark at 6.00pm. I try not to wish time away but am looking forward to Spring this year.


  1. Lawn mowers are the best way of clearing leaves and you can use them to chop the leaves up so they compost quicker too.
    At the moment dark a 6:00 would be a pleasant change

  2. Couldn't agree with you more on the lighter nights. I'm always pleased when we reach 21st December knowing the days are getting longer. As ever more amazing work in your not so wild wilderness. All it needs now are four paws (not fork handles!)

  3. Am I the only person sitting here on your blog pressing F5 in the hope of some four-paw news... I don't think so!

    I'm back at work tomorrow, so a regular(ish) flow of Master Hairy antics will help to keep me sane over the coming weeks and months.

  4. No, you are not the only one, James - and there was a great panic here earlier when the internet went down for a couple of hours in case I missed first pics!

  5. Unless the new addition is called Housini, I think you've cracked it. Another anxious pic viewer here!


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