Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Sam - Day One

Thank you for all much appreciated comments. I won't do a post like this every day, but initially it's the easiest way for me to let all our friends know how things are going.

Bedtime last night did not impress young Sam Dog. We fixed up the playpen around his crate and he objected strenuously. How can something this small make SO much noise? Much heart hardening and ignoring, it took about 15 minutes for him to settle and he seemed to crash out until 5.15am. After a toilet trip into the very wet garden (no Eclipse for me today) I brought him back to bed and he settled next to me for another couple of hours.

We go into the garden roughly every hour, and the rest of the time is spent playing, exploring and sleeping. Yvonne and Peter had told us that this little puppy really likes people and being stroked and they were not wrong. He has appointed himself my shadow and whilst he's obviously very happy with Management, cuddling up to me is pretty much his favourite thing to do.

This morning he met a neighbour and her elderly Retriever through the garden fence. He had his first visitors to the house this afternoon when Ann & Roger called in on their way back from Cockermouth and thought that Roger was an excellent puppy to play with, albeit a tall one!

Roger took these pictures for us. As can you see, Sam has made an early start on being Assistant Gardener.

It's been wet and cold today but he loves to be outside, chasing leaves and trying to eat bird food fallen on the floor. He doesn't know he's also being trained with commands like toilet, come and sit used repeatedly and is doing brilliantly with come, responding about 9 times out of 10.

He's also worn a collar for a few minutes which didn't bother him too much and been groomed a little, although like all puppies thinks the brush is another teeth-training opportunity. In the house we've introduced him to the vacuum. Although this sounds like a busy day in reality he's been very subdued and quiet and slept a great deal. In my usual fashion I worried greatly but Management, who is much better at seeing the bigger picture, pointed out that he is probably mentally and physically knackered from travelling yesterday and such a big upheaval in his life.

Sam has already shown he likes to be comfortable but he does get himself into some weird positions on the sofa!


  1. So happy to have come round for cuddles yesterday and also so Roger could have a play ! Despite only being the size of Roger's head (for a short time only looking at the size of those paws !), Sam made a good job of tugging his hair and chewing his ears and nose. Totally unfazed by the remaining six foot of him !
    We'll be around again soon . . .
    Ann xx

  2. Sitting here with a big grin on my face! (Wish I lived nearer!) x

  3. Ah, I've been waiting for these so that I can get my puppy fix for today!

    I think The Other View From should now come with an extreme cuteness warning from now on.

  4. A&R - pleased to report that your Hedgepog has been well played with today, thank you :}

    Jill - I think the A69 is what you're looking for ...

    James - you wouldn't think it was extremely cute if you were getting up EVERY hour during the day for a toilet trip outside.

    Matron - sorry :}> (PS: welcome back, so sorry I messed up with the invites)

  5. He's really a fabulous colour - even the nose! Women would kill for hair that shade!

  6. Flum, he won't stay this colour. Beardies are known to change their coat colour 2 or 3 times before they mature and settle. He will always be "brown-ish" (he won't suddenly become black & white for example) but this chocolate will fade and you can't predict how dark/light he will end up.


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