Monday, 3 January 2011

The Newest Member of the Bag End Gardening Team


Master Samwise Gamgee

now residing at Bag End and looking eager to pull up plants, chase fallen leaves and pick up sticks conveniently left lying around.

We collected Sam today and got home mid-afternoon. He's an absolute sweetie and will, I suspect, very soon become his own person with all the attitude and opinions that make a Beardie so special.

It will take us a day or three to settle into a routine, until then I confess we are completely at the beck & call of this little bundle of gorgeousness.

Right now he's at my feet in the study in one of the numerous temporary beds we have created - a 2' square sturdy cardboard box with an entrance cut in the side.

He's already made it plain he expects one of us to be quite close to him at all times and kicked up a hell of a fuss earlier when we tried to put him in a playpen so I could fix supper. Not a problem - in the space of one day everything he has ever known has been taken away and replaced with strange people, new smells, water that tastes different and no other dogs.

This is for Yvonne so she can see how we set his bed up - I have a suspicion we will be making some modifications before everyone settles down tonight . . .


  1. Okay, how do I add my name to the "I want to cuddle him" list? And do I need to book a slot?

    The next year is going to be a heap of fun and at times frustration, but you'll never look back.

  2. I think that James should have godparent status to little Sam!

    Hope you all sleep well tonight. :)

  3. He's a darling and I am so envious of you. Little Sam doesn't yet know how lucky he is to have parents like you.

  4. I'm not sure that I'm quite worthy of such exalted status Hazel - I'd be happy enough to be Sam's official portrait photographer.

    So how much sleep was it last night? {g}

  5. I'm not sure you're just going to be at his beck and call for a day or three - I think forever is more like it. He really does look gorgeous.

  6. What a little sweetie (must remember he'll soon be a HUGE sweetie!)

    Himself thought Sam should be short for Sambucus!

  7. Wonderful! What a start to the new year!

  8. He's beautiful. I am sure you will be grinning for days. BTW, I see you have finally admitted to being strange ;-) !

  9. He is just gorgeous & one lucky boy to have found himself such a home! If I lived closer I would be right round for a big cuddle, even if Bailey didn't like it ;o)

  10. Oh my! what a bundle of gorgeousness! It sounds like you have his education all in hand. This is the 'window of opportunity' to introduce him to the big scarey world! You only have a few more weeks so think of all the strange things he might come across - men with beards, bicycles, chickens, turbans!!, crash helmets...I look forward to watching his progress.

  11. If I thank you all individually this will get stupid long, so just wanted to say "thanks" and I very much appreciate all your good wishes.

    Matron, we have a socialisation "plan" which is currently 2 pages long and includes all the things you list, plus chainsaw and goodness knows what else. Want a copy? (it's in Excel) Never know, there might be something you haven't come across in your own work, although I doubt it. Our farmer friend in Papcastle has kindly offered exposure to chickens, ewes, lambs and other livestock.

    Today we have encountered a large (loud) farm truck going down the lane next to the house, first jab at the vet (he fell asleep on the table), 5 new adults in the farm supply on our way home, a neighbour, the postman, a delivery chap and another neighbour - and he STILL isn't tired (but I am!)

  12. Oh, what a wonderful little fuzzy!!! He'll keep you hopping for sure.

  13. what a gorgeous wee chappy. As you say he'll be small for such a small space of time enjoy every moment.
    I can just imagine how soft and strokable those little ears are. Bless him x


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