Sunday, 16 January 2011

Never under-estimate

NEVER under-estimate the ability of a ten week old puppy to do things you don't want or don't expect.

Like going so far under the Log Store that he can't remember how to get back out and starts to get upset.
Not any more you won't, dear puppy ....

And in his panic squeezes out of the back left-hand side and ends up behind a log pile that is completely inaccessible to Two Legs.

And decides that this is quite a nice place to wander around - especially as it is a bramble-infested mess that is completely inaccessible to Two Legs. AND there is a gap in the wooden fence that Two Legs hadn't seen because of the aforementioned brambles.

Not any more you won't, dear puppy ....

I had intended on spending a couple of hours this morning working on the bark path. Instead I shoved wet lumps of timber under the log store and had a (painful) fight with some very nasty brambles.

Whoever said "The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth" has never tried to clear a bramble patch. When homo sapiens screw up so much that we no longer dominate this planet it won't be the meek who take over, it will be the bloody brambles.

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