Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Greenhouse floor

I liked having bark chips on the greenhouse floor, sadly the mice REALLY like me having them. Lost count over the autumn and winter of the number of mice caught in the live trap, but then got fed up when I discovered that some of them have been getting in - and getting out again. They're not supposed to be able to do that.

Sam likes it even more. When he is not walking around ON TOP of my pots of daffodils he's busy digging through the bark to try and find the mice ... sigh.

Decision made to move all the bark onto the potager area (it could do with a top up) and replace with the lovely limestone chips that I already have on the bottom section of the g/h. Perhaps it will make it easier to keep the temperature down in summer by dowsing them in water?

Sam "helped" me clear up the greenhouse floor. The towel I placed for him to lay on was in too tempting a position and he could not resist the urge to start eating the sisal Hay Rack liner.

Picture of innocence?

So I moved the towel - so Sam moved! Granted at this point he was tired from all the "helping".

Looking a tad surprised - he'd just been shouted at

"Ah, she doesn't really mean it, and I am ready for a snooze"

Have a quarter of a bulk bag of stone left from last year, Sam "helped" me transfer this into smaller bags which are currently stacked in front of the greenhouse. His idea of helping was to keep trying to jump into the builders' bag as I am baling stones out of it - utterly useless but at least he wasn't trying to eat anything. I don't have enough for the whole job but it's a start.

The now empty bulk bag comes in handy for moving bramble trimmings and other mess I'm busy clearing up.


  1. Despite young Sam being a pest and generally hindering you, looking at the second last photo you just have to forgive him everything.

    So cute!

  2. Your greenhouse is tidier than mine at the moment. The chickens trashed it when it was so cold and I put them in there in the day. I really need to give it a good sort out but there's no chance of me putting anything growing in there for another month so it doesn't seem urgent yet! The chickens will help me!

  3. Never mind the garden, I am in love. That Sam is just too cute for words. If he gets in your way too much, just send him my way!!!

  4. You can't stay cross for long can you?

    Does the limestone chippings get messy when it is wet?

  5. Hi GLA, the chippings don't seem to get messy at all - they were brilliant on the lower section last summer. the only 'problem' was that bark chips from the top section got kicked onto the stones ... so having all stones will stop that.

    Chose these chippings 'cos they are £35 for a bulk bag compared with twice that for pea gravel.

  6. The reason I asked was that we took Tivs for a walk round a nearby lake and the path was limestone chippings. She got absolutely filthy - legs and tummy. Our trousers were spalshed to bits too. Good job that we went prepared with a huge towel for the back of the car!

  7. Ah, see what you mean. The chippings were a bit dusty when they first went down but nothing serious.

    I suppose having them "under cover" means they're relatively protected from further dirt although you wait - I'll drop a 10L tub of potting compost right in the middle of them when I am potting up some seedlings!

  8. How nice that you have such a willing little helper! With a face like that I would forgive him anything. The snoozing photo is gorgeous. He's growing so fast, make the most of this time even if it feels endless, it will be a distant memory all too soon!


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