Friday, 14 January 2011

Gardening with an assistant ...

Has Sam really been with us two weeks? It feels like no time at all, but at silly o'clock in the morning during another dressing-gown-clad trip outside it seems like this has been going on forever.

During Sam's first week I got fairly despondent during the numerous trips outdoors. Following a small puppy around bits of the garden where I don't usually walk in the damp & cold first week in January is not to be recommended. I spent far too much time looking at all the MESS and wondering if I would ever get this garden straight, or whether we'd have another season of weeds growing out of control.

Thankfully this week things settled down a bit and I realised that whenever the Gardening Assistant and I go outside during the day I can steal 5 or 10 minutes to pick up twigs, rake up weeds and generally start to clear the detritus which makes this place look like a neglected bombsite.
Might not look much to anyone else, but I know how much has been cleared up from this strip. Aiming to get another section of the bark path in place.

I can keep an eye on him and it doesn't do Sam any harm not to have my undivided attention, although this does mean there is a risk of him finding his own amusement. He's still picking up bits of bark chips, bird poo and whatever else will fit in his mouth but mostly he is happy with a leafy twig that he can chase and play with.

All those 5 minutes add up, and by the end of the week I had a good pile of rubbish collected. Now I have the problem of disposing of it - this is not stuff suitable for the compost bin, some dry weather would be nice, we're due a big bonfire.

Before I started the area to the right and behind the old compost bin was full of dead nettles


  1. Good to see that he's already having you sort out his garden.


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